Monday, December 21, 2009

The Kelacala Q exhibit at Jodi Arnold

The Kelacala Q exhibit at Jodi Arnold was an intimate and fashionable affair. The company was created by designer Lara Kurtzman, who introduced her latest collection of beautifully crafted jewelry. Some of the pieces in the collection were classically timeless, and others were fun and original.
Some of the materials used were unconventional and innovative, such as leather, zippers, and buttons. Each pc was elegantly put together creating a unique and special adornment. One of my favorite pieces in the collection was the black feathered necklace that was inspired by cabaret, and Josephine Baker. The piece is elaborate, but can easily be worn with anything. The overall collection was breathtaking. What was most fun about the exhibit is that you were able to try on the pieces and get first incite from the designer on how best to wear them. For that special someone, this collection is the perfect holiday gift. Visit the company website at
The Jodi Arnold store is a small but exceptional venue. Fashion designer Jodi Arnold created her label MINT Jodi Arnold in 1999, and has had incredible success throughout her career. Jodi’s line of contemporize clothing is beautiful, wearable, and versatile. Jodie’s distinctive print’s, and hand made embellishments add a unique quality and timelessness to her clothing. However, what makes the Jodi Arnold store special is that she welcomes other creative artist like Kelacala Q, Jennifer Trausch, and Josh Hadar to utilize the space and exhibit their art. You can visit Jodi Arnold‘s web site at or shop in store at 56 University Place, NYC.
--Tracey Rose Brown

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