Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hoboken Film Festival - Santorini Blue

This summer if you are looking for romance, then upgrade your search from the Jersey Shore to the Hoboken International Film Festival. Love and drama are definitely circulating in Jersey. Whether you are ‘Snookie’ on the shore or yourself at the movies, love is in the air. Santorini Blue is an independent film that premiered at the Hoboken Film Festival June 5th at Ceder Lane Cinema in Teaneck, New Jersey. WeKnowTV had the opportunity to meet the actors after experiencing their performances on screen.
Despite it being an independent film, there were three recognizable actors that were featured in the movie, Ice T , Coco and Richard Belzer from Law & Order. Each had minor roles; however their appearances were refreshing and enough to make Santorini Blue a breakthrough hit! Bring a box of tissue, a big heart, a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy falling in love again. The plot begins with a married man amid a seemingly decent marriage played by (Matthew Panepinto). Internally distraught, he cheated on his seemingly faithful wife played by (Deirdre Lorenz), because he was envious of her (go figure! the male ego). He realizes his mistake and tries to break off the relationship with his mistress; however, his wife fines out and fled to Greece to escape the despair and stress at home. At this point, the husband is devastated because he ruined his marriage and desperately set out to win her back. The remainder of the movie consists of the different tactics he uses to manipulate the situation and to win her back with his charm and love. The plot thickens when his ‘mistress’ appears on the same Greek island and his wife finds out (ouch!). . His scheme to win his wife back continues, but love eventually makes its way back to the couple.
Off screen the duo was a hit at the premier, and in the mist of Sex and the City, the fashion was glamour. Deidre’s sparkling silver cocktail dress worn with studded heels was gorgeous. Matthew on the other hand looked very conservative with a similarly matching color scheme. When speaking with the actors, they explained that they had great chemistry on set which made filming a lot smoother and the acting more realistic. Whats more interesting, Deirdre Lorenz co-wrote and produced the movie through her film company (Thira Films), and Mattthew Panepinto also wrote and directed the film. So Far, the movie won the award for "The Best of the Festival" from the Hoboken international Film Festival, and 3rd place award again for "The Best of the Festival" at The 30th Annual Breckenridge Festival of Film. Both are audience awards, making them extremely special. In addition, the movie was nominated for Best Supporting Actor: Richard Belzer, Best Cinematography, and Best Actress: Deirdre Lorenz.
Of course, after every event come those crazy, TMZ-worthy after-parties. There was pumping music, unique drinks, and fashion-forward/friendly attendees. The after-party was held at Chakra also located in Teaneck, New Jersey. A unique “blue” Hawaiian-esque drink was served at the open bar that night. But, what’s crazy was the bartender did not know what he was serving. Yet, it became the house drink of the night; which we dubbed the “Blue Hawaiian Punch.”. After a fun-filled evening of popcorn, romance, and dancing, the night was a success. In homage to Siskel and Ebert, we give the movie four stars. If you are a sucker for love and happy endings, we recommend you catch this independent flick. Overall, for a romantic, it’s a must see.

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